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We are a NON-LAWYER in person Notary Public Service - Telephonic Court Witness and Minister open faith Wedding Officiant.


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We are proud to be listed as having a 5 STARS rating on Google Search serving the Tri-County TampaBay area, TRUSTED since 1984!



Wedding Officiant Minister & In Person Notary Public Service - Courier Service

(Ask to see PROOF of our Errors and Omission INSURANCE and Current State License/ Notary Commission.)

Providing Safe and Professional COVID 19 Corona Virus... Notary in Person and Wedding Officiant Minister Since 1984!

We are OPEN and taking In Person Notary Assignments, Telephonic Court Hearing Witness using Safe Precautions to ensure all staff is following the necessary Washing of hands, use of hand sanitizer, Temperature checks daily, and NO staff is having any symptoms of the disease. (WE ARE FULLY P.P.E COMPLIANCE AND FOLLOW THE CDC GUIDELINES TO ENSURE OUR VISIT IS A POSITIVE AND SAFE EXPERIENCE!)

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Herb's Mobile Notary 2 u

Herb's Mobile Notary 2 U is based in Temple Terrace, Florida, is a full-Service Traveling In-Person Notary Public,  Telephonic Court Witness, Courier Service, Minister Wedding Officiant, Herb's Mobile Notary Services is HIPPA Compliant. - We are a Non-Lawyer Notary Public Service.

You can count on Herb's Mobile Notary 2U Service to provide professional, personalized Weddings, both small and large. Herb's Mobile Notary 2U is familiar with serving the elderly population customers who require patience and understanding when assisting the elderly with certain legal documents, such as Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament, along with other important legal documents. (Herb's Mobile Notary 2U service is NOT an Attorney or a Para-Legal Service and CAN NOT offer any legal advice. We can only offer our opinion and Experience of 37+ years in the field.)

State Certification

Notary Public Errors and Omissions Policy - Front

Notary Public Errors and Omissions Policy - Front

About Herbert Guinup

Herb has served the public at large in many capacities in his adult life, starting his public service as a Criminal Investigator ll for seven years in Clearwater, Florida. Herb became a full-time Mobile Notary Company shortly after making a decision for a career change to serve the public in the private sector.

Herb has dedicated his life to serving the public at large with a Strong Character, Integrity, and Morals, and he's always looking out for customers' best interests.

Herb's Mobile Notary 2 U is LGTBTQ+ friendly, having supported the community for the entire history of the business and officiating Commitment Ceremonies long before same-sex marriage was legalized in Florida.

All documents are embossed with a raised stamp, and services are available 365 days a year. 

Courier Service - Sameday request accepted!!!

Herb's Mobile Notary 2 U is a Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Company in good standings with the State of Florida and Local Agencies to protect the public. Certification & Continued Essential Training regularly are currently conducted, ensuring we are up-to-date with all changes in state legislation. We serve the public with complete confidentiality and professional service at all times. We are a Non-Lawyer Notary Public Service.


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It was featured in the July 2019 edition of The National Notary on pages 10 - 14.

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Monday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
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Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco Counties, & the Surrounding Area, Including the University of South Florida Area

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***I am NOT an Attorney, and for that reason, I CAN NOT provide immigration or any other legal advice.***