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Wedding Officiant - Notary Public Service - Courier Service

(Ask to see PROOF of our Errors and Omission INSURANCE and Current State License/ Notary Commission.)

Court Witness &
Notary Services

At Herb's Mobile Notary 2 U, you'll find a wide variety of Notary Services, including Telephonic Court Witness solutions, document notarization, and much more. Herb is here to meet your needs from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., so contact him today. (After hours appointments are available by request) Closed on Sunday. Thank you for your business. Notary Seal

Happy Clients at Their Wedding Ceremony

Notary Fees

The State of Florida allows Notaries to charge $10.00 for each signature or action taken to complete the notarization. In addition to this, however, there are frequently other charges that cause the fee incurred to be higher. Here are some examples of things that will cause the fee to increase:

  1. Except for your signature(s), the document should be fully completed before my arrival to avoid additional service charges for the notary having to wait for the document to be completed.

  2. I cannot provide any legal advice; however, there are some occasions when I am asked to provide a general explanation of part or all of a document. PLEASE NOTE: I am not a paralegal or authorized to provide any answers to any legal questions

Please note that when traveling to any hospital or medical facilities, if the patient is not fully alert or has been medicated, Herb will not be able to notarize the document(s). The patient will be qualified by being asked a few basic questions.

Wedding Officiant Services

Notary Services, Wedding Officiant

***** Please add a ($30.00 Mobile Service Fee charge) to ALL Requests. 
All Documents Receive State Raised Embosser Notary Seals upon request.

Administering Oaths 

$50.00 to administer Telephonic Hearing Oaths plus Mobile Fee $30.00 total is $80.00 

Taking an Acknowledgment

$10.00 (Each Seal) plus Mobile Fee $30.00

Attesting To a Photocopy

$10.00 (Per Copy) plus Mobile Fee $30.00

Solemnize All Types Of Marriage - County Marriage License Is Required.

Express - Only $50.00 plus Mobile Fee $30.00 for Hillsborough County. Other Counties have different rates for the simple Express Service.
Ceremony - Only $75.00 plus Mobile Fee $30.00 for Hillsborough County. Other Counties have different rates; please inquire.

Loan Signings: 1 (Loan Package) Mortgage or Vehicle Purchase, Divorce Signing, Other Loan

Start At Only $85.00, plus Mobile Fee $30.00

Verifying a VIN or Odometer

$10.00 for Vin Verification, $10.00 for Odometer reading, plus a Mobile Fee of $30.00 Total is $50.00 to complete.

Certifying Contents Of a Safe-Deposit Box

$85.00 plus Mobile Fee $30.00

Attach a Certificate To a Self-Drafted Document

$10.00 (Per Certificate) plus Mobile Fee $30.00

Affirmation Of Love, Commitment Ceremony, House Blessing, & Baptisms

$75.00 Flat Rate Fee for Each Ceremony, Plus Mobile Travel Fee of $30.00 total is $105.00 for Hillsborough County. Other County's will have a sService.highNNr rate.

Base Fee Starts At $50.00 Plus $20.00 Per Half Hour for:
  • Affidavit Of Notary Presentment Certification
  • Delivery To a Nearby US Post Office Until Process Is Completed
  • Power Of Attorney or Living Wills & Trust Documents

Additional charges of $10.00 per signature or action for each page to complete, plus $30.00 Mobile Service Fee for each half-hour.

Remote Online Notarization

*** Effective January 1, 2020, A Florida Approved Remote Online Notarizations for existing Notaries Service.

RON Fee's:

$25.00 per session, plus $25. per each Witness needed, plus $10.00 for each additional notary stamp during the same session.


Starts at $50.00 + $30.00 Mobile Traveling Fee for Hillsborough County. Other Counties have different rates; please inquire.

Same-Sex Wedding

Court Witness Telephone Hearing Notary

A deposit fee of $85.00 to set up an appointment that is non-refundable to hold the date and time of hearing. If the hearing is postponed, there is a $20.00 fee surcharge for every 15 minutes on-site waiting to be heard and to put the respondent under Oath, or until the notary is released by the Court agent.

All General Notary Requests —
Impound Release Notary, PhotoCopy Certification

There is a $30.00 Mobile Service Fee for all notary calls for each half-hour on location, plus $10.00 per signature or action for each page to complete. 

Employment I-9 Verification

$20 personal representative fee. + $30 Mobile Notary Fee for a Total Of $50
There Are No Refunds for Notary Services Rendered, or for Any Deposits

2020 Notary Member Badge IdenTrust

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***I am not an attorney, and for that reason, I cannot provide immigration or any other legal advice.***